We accept customer visits to our farms only upon proof of serious business commitment as the traffic of customers willing to visit for nonbusiness intent is high. 

We boast of a high quality and standard in our diary products so you can place a sample order to test and be sure. 

After payment deposit of your sample order, get back to us on WhatsApp at + 917 7382 08940 or via email at for payment information. 

We will confirm your deposit and get back to you with a date for your visit and a guide to pick you up from our location and show you around. We can then do business with absolute transparency.

Minimum booking deposit for gir cow , Sahiwal cow and buffaloes is ₹35000 deposit . Booking for single HF cow is ₹40,000. For goats and sheep minimum order deposit is ₹25000 is required to secure a date for a visit to our farm.

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