About Ganga Dairy Farms


We introduce ourselves as GANGA DAIRY FARMS. We are expert dealers in Dairy Animals and products. We have available in our stables various types of cattle and goats. We have our animal farms spread across different regions of India. We have farms and production stables in the Agro Rich regions Shillong – Meghalaya, Dharwad – kanartaka and Pune – Maharashtra (INDIA)

Ganga Dairy Farms is one of the first suppliers of Dairy cattle and sheep in India. we have in stock various types of sheep and cows all of good gentic background and health such as Sahiwal cows, Sindhi Cow, Jersey Cow and lots of different goat species with good milking capacity.

We majorly deal in Holstein Friesian cross breed, Jersey cows and also Heifers and produce some very high quality cows in cross breed. We also hacve other species like the Sahiwal cow, Gir cow and even goats of various species in our stables. We have over 200-300 cows per month. Our cows have been known for their record yields. Have been involved in undertaking supply of Dairy Animals to various states all over INDIA. One of our crucial value added services is that we guide our customers along with the time frame to make the purchase so that you obtain maximum benefits from the speculative Dairy market.

We are friendly, young and professional team always listen and answer our client’s questions with ability to give the best options and most suitable choices. We are dedicated to bring our guests experience as closest to the perfect services possible.


Cows are one of the most commonly domesticated animals in India and the world over, which is raised for milk & milk products . The company is one of the renowned Exporters and Suppliers of dairy Cows based in India. We offer a variety of cows for varied purposes and requirements of our clients. The variety of cows offered by us includes indigenous cows such as Sahiwal Cow, Gir cow and kangeyam cow, Jersey Cow, and Holstein Friesian Cow including breeding bulls of those breeds. These Cows are known for their high milk yielding capability from 15 to 30 liters per day. Also, buyers can purchase various breeds of healthy Cows from us at 



* We bid best breed with high yield and good health cattle for sales.

* We only sell first, second and third lactation cattle.

* We only sell cattle with healthy calves.

* We do not follow any dubious practices to increase the yields.