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Industrial Estate, Hotgi Road,Patil Nagar, Solapur India

                  About Ganga Dairy Farms

We introduce ourselves as GANGA DAIRY FARMS – DAIRY FARM. We are expert dealers in Dairy Animals and products. We have available in our stables various types of cattle including the FRIESANS, GIR, JERSEY Cows and goats. We have our animal farms spread across different regions of India. We have farms and production stables in the Agro rich regions of Industrial Estate, Hotgi Road,Patil Nagar, Solapur (INDIA).

we offer

Available Cattle​

At Ganga Dairy Farms we have a variety of dairy animals and products in stock for sale


We offer turnkey advisor services for setting up dairy farms in group sizes from 10 to 500 animals and offer complete project management services.


We offer training regarding cattle management, feeding procedure of cattle and disease control management for new dynamic dairy farmers.


Clarissa Wolman

"Best Dairy farmers I've met so far , they offer good quality cattle , i will definitely be coming back again and again”

Mark brown

"I had a fun time at your farm , great hospitality and people and i hope our next business will be successful as the first”

Ashad Raman

"बहुत अच्छा मवेशी खेत, बहुत स्वस्थ और साफ गायों और बकरियों के लिए बहुत अच्छी कीमतें, हमेशा आपके वफादार ग्राहक हैं”